On January 28, 2012 the Societe du Patrimoine d’Expression du Quebec (SPEQ) held their annual ¬†“Bal de Jugon” at the head office on Alexandre-de-Seve Street in Montreal. SPEQ is the provincial partner of Folklore Canada International and as such representatives from both organisations were present. The White Eagle Academy is a proud member of both and sent two delegates to represent the group that evening, in which many of the province’s member-groups attend.

The evening was hosted by SPEQ’s president, Mr Vartan Cherikian, who welcomed everybody and made the appropriate introductions. Mr. Theodore Sobczak, our musical director and his daughter Tamara, an artist in the ensemble were called upon to accept our certificate of participation at the Folklore Canada International concert held in October 2011.

A montage was presented that evening highlighting the accomplishments of all the groups and the White Eagle Academy was especially magnificent in the costumes from Nowy Sacz. These accolades from the multi-cultural world only serve to strengthen the commitment of the ensemble to show the world the beauty and diversity of Polish folklore. We thank both SPEQ and FCI for this recognition and look forward to many more years of collaboration.