CIESZYN – Szpacyr Polka (NP)

Szpacyr Polka, considered a turning dance done in a circle, from the region of Śląsk (Silesia) is derived from the Polish word “Spacer” (SPAh-tsehr) which means to go for a walk or stroll. According to the well-known expert of the region, Janina Marcinkowa, who I had the opportunity to learn from in the early 1980’s, it was a social dance done by couples at gatherings throughout the whole region of Śląsk, from the mountaineers to the city folk. It is a combination of both a promenade and a polka, beginning with the stroll and hence the name of the dance. Couples execute spins and pivots as they follow each other in a large circle. At social gatherings in the region, the dance can be done for quite a long time with the musicians varying the tempo and challenging the dancers. This non-partner version gives the dancer the knowledge of the basic steps and movement.