LOWICZ – Kujony

The Kujony is a variation of the Kujawiak and is specific to the folklore-rich central region of Lowicz. The dance is done in a slow ¾ meter tempo, with very lyrical melodies. Usually danced by couples, it features a wide range of movement in varied tempos from slow to quite lively. According to old tradition, the Kujawiak, which originated in the region of Kujawy was danced in a slow tempo from start to finish. Adopted at large by the majority of Poland’s regions it became one of Poland’s five national dances. During its different phases of development it featured many variants and styles of dancing. The Kujony of Lowicz is an excellent and beautiful example of one such variant. Taught to me by Sławomir Mazurkiewicz, reknowned choreographer from Łódz, this dance includes a movement by the men symbolizing the use of a scythe in cutting the wheat which grows in central Poland. The rich heavy-woolen costumes of the region also show off the fields of various colour in their striped pattern.